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Know The Rules.

Nebraska Revised Statute 69-402

What are classed as REGULATED ITEMS in Nebraska?

 • Catalytic Converters, Copper, Aluminum Copper Radiators, Insulated Copper Wire, Manhole covers; Sewer Grates; Or Metal Beer Kegs, Including Those Kegs Made Of Stainless Steel. 

What do you need to Recycle with us?

• The number from and a copy of the Deliverer's current motor vehicle operator's license,

state-issued ID card, or federal government-issued ID card (photo not specified);

• A Date and Time stamped photo or video of the Regulated Metals Property;

• If the person is delivering copper or catalytic converters, the right index fingerprint of the deliverer (or left index if the right is missing).


 • A person who does not possess a valid identification as required for the records.

What are the payment restrictions?

No cash payments totaling more than $25. Purchases made from the same person within a 4-hour period are considered a single transaction. Payment may be made only to the individual named on the identification presented for the records.

Payment for copper and catalytic converters must be by check. If the purchase total for copper is more than $100, the check must be sent by US mail, postage prepaid.

Payment for a manhole cover or sewer grate must be by draft or check and sent by US mail, postage prepaid, to the official address of the finance department of the political subdivision or to the 3rd party seller, and made payable only to said entity.

Payments to Companies.

The law exempts:

• Purchases of Regulated Metals Property from a commercial vendor that generates or sells

regulated metals property in the ordinary course of its business;

• Beverage or food cans; or

• Recycling or neighborhood cleanup programs contracted or sponsored by the state or any

political subdivision.

What information do we keep?

The Recycler's name and address;

• The name and signature of the individual entering the information;

• The Date and Time of the transaction;

• The weight and grade of the Regulated Metals Property;

• A description of the type made in accordance with the custom of the trade;

• The amount of consideration given, if any;

• The Vendor's name, signature, and address;

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