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+ Electronic Recycling 

data destruction, data sanitization

Secure data destruction is a crucial step in the disposition of your end-of-life electronic assets. These assets contain data that, if not correctly destroyed, puts your company and customers at risk. Plus, improperly destroyed data could result in regulatory violations and fines. 

We offer a full suite of data destruction services to ensure your data is completely irrecoverable. Each method is in compliance with data destruction standards, including NIST 800-88HIPAA, and DoD 5220.22-M.  

Our team leverage's the latest in data destruction software and hardware to satisfy all of your data sanitization, security, corporate, and reporting requirements. Additionally, data destruction reports and certificates authenticate that we deliver on all promises.  

For your most sensitive assets, take advantage of our three-phase witnessed destruction process. In this method, we shear, shred, or pulverize each asset to the required specifications.

What can be recycled? 


Mobile Devices


Network Equipment


Computer Accessories 



Power Supplies




Computer Parts


Media/Storage Devices






Audio/Video Equipment


Gaming Consoles/ Cable Boxes

NIST 800-88 Data Destruction Methods

The nature of your data and your business determine which data destruction method is right for you. We offer the following: 

NIST 800-88 Hard Drive Shear

                                                                         We remove hard drives from the device (computer,        laptop, server) and place them in our shear. 

This renders them completely destroyed and

the data completely unrecoverable.   


Advantage: Ideal for highly secure or sensitive data with

compliance related to finance, national security, and HIPAA.


A highly powerful magnetic field permanently

removes magnetic properties from the iron

oxide or chromium dioxide coatings. This

results in the erasure of the recorded data

pattern. Then, we dismantle the hard drive

and recycle its components (metals, etc.). 


Advantage: This fast and efficient method renders the hard drive completely unusable.

It is a lower-cost alternative to hard drive shredding.

Hard Drive & Network Equipment Erasure/Wiping (NIST Clear & Purge Method)


Cybercriminal experts can easily find deleted files

on your hard drive. So, deletion is not enough

to protect your data and achieve absolute

data destruction.  In erasure/wiping, we use

sophisticated, secure data erasure software

and machinery. This method generates no e waste,

which means you can reuse the storage media.  

Kali Linux Drive Eraser software and hardware ensures the integrity of data sanitization. Kali hard drive erasure process delivers the following: 

  • Firmware level erasure, including multiple random overwrites that fill the drive’s entire logical capacity, freeze lock removal, and full data sanitization verification.  Validation as an operational device ready for resale 

  • Stored reports that certify and prove the secure erasure of the drive  


Advantage: The hard drive retains its useful life. Secure data erasure backed with documented

erasure validation guarantee the asset can safely enter secondary markets.

The validation includes the serial number, showing proof that drive

was completely erased and data is irrecoverable.

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